Salt and Water

Once, a king asked his three daughters, how much they loved him. The first daughter said, “I love you as much as my eyes.” The second daughter said, “I love you as much as my heart.” The king was very happy to hear this and rewarded the daughters for loving him so much. But when the third daughter said, “I love you as much as salt and water,” the king was so angry that he ordered his men to throw her out of the kingdom.

The princess went to live in another kingdom. Meanwhile, the prince of that kingdom fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. The princess invited her father to the wedding. During the dinner, she ordered that the food be served to her father without salt and water. All the guests enjoyed the feast but the princess’s father could hardly eat. Then the princess went to him and said, “Do you realize the importance of salt and water?” The king realised his mistake and asked to be forgiven for punishing her.

The Evil Cook

Queen Matilda had no children. She was very unhappy and prayed to God. Soon God answered her prayers and blessed her with a son and said that whatever he wished for would be granted. One day, when the queen was asleep, the wicked cook took the child away from the sleeping queen. “Sire, the queen … Continue reading

The King of the Lake

A very brave warrior one day decided to go out to look for adventure. Soon, he came to a lake with a bridge over it. On the bridge was a snake, as big as a tree. But the fearless warrior crossed the river by jumping over the snake. Suddenly, the snake took the form of … Continue reading

The Carabao and the Snail

Once there was a carabao. One day, the carabao went to a river where he met a snail. He mocked at the snail and said, “You are so slow.” The snail replied, “No, I am not. I can easily beat you in a race.” The surprised carabao said, “Let’s race and see who beats whom.” … Continue reading


Once there lived a poor widow and her son, Aladdin. One day, Aladdin’s uncle, Mustafa, came to visit them. He said, “Sister, why don’t you let Aladdin come and work for me?” They agreed and Mustafa took Aladdin along with him. They walked in the desert and came to a cave. The cave was full … Continue reading

The Singer and the Dolphin

Arion was a handsome singer who lived in the city of Corinth. One day, Arion was returning with precious jewels, which he had won at a competition, when he met some wicked sailors. “Hand over the jewels and you may go,” they said. Arion started to sing, and hearing his voice the pirates fell into … Continue reading

Last Dream of the Old Oak

There once was an old oak tree that had lived through centuries. He was proud to be called the oldest tree in the world. He often thought how lucky he was to enjoy the beauty of nature for so long while mortals could enjoy it only for a few decades. The tree looked back at … Continue reading

How Men Got Fire

Once some American Indians, who lived in a forest, needed a fire. They had seen one before but didn’t know how to light one. A rabbit came to their rescue and promised to go to the weasel, who often lit a fire. One night, the rabbit went to the weasel’s house where the weasel and … Continue reading

The Top and the Ball

A whipping top and a ball were kept in a small box. The ball was made of expensive leather and was multicoloured while the whipping top was made of ordinary wood. The whipping top loved the ball and hoped to marry it one day. The ball was very proud of its looks. She refused to … Continue reading

Battle of the Crabs

A number of crabs used to live along the shore. “The waves make so much noise that we are unable to sleep,” said one crab. “We should fight and defeat them!” declared another. They gathered their army and were on their way when they met a small shrimp. “Oh, you poor things! You think you … Continue reading