Battle of the Crabs

A number of crabs used to live along the shore. “The waves make so much noise that we are unable to sleep,” said one crab. “We should fight and defeat them!” declared another. They gathered their army and were on their way when they met a small shrimp. “Oh, you poor things! You think you can fight with the huge waves? You are too tiny,” the shrimp mocked.

The crabs begged the shrimp to fight on their side. While leading the army the shrimp pointed to the spear on his head and said, “This powerful weapon shields me from the waves.” The foolish crabs believed him and kept admiring the shrimp for his courage. Then a huge wave came rushing towards them and killed all the crabs, but the clever shrimp survived. He told the sad tale to the crab’s children.

Till today, one can find crabs scurrying towards the waves to fight it, but when their courage fails they hurry back to the shore.

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