The Gold Crown

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Robin the fairy was very sad. Two big tears rolled clown his cheeks. “Oh, dear! What’s the matter?” asked Butterfly. “I’m sad because I can’t do the things the other fairies can.- said Robin. A can’t paint the sunset pink or hang dew drops on grasses.” he moaned. “Every year the king gives little silver crowns to fairies who do beautiful work,” he continued. “And I never win one,” he wailed.

“Cheer up.” said Butterfly. “Why do6t you go to the world of boys and girls and help there.” “Good idea!” said Robin and wiped his tears and flew out of Fairyland.

He saw Mr. Wind tugging at a pretty frock on a clothesline. lie sat on the frock and held on to it till an old woman came out and thanked him for not letting the wind blow away her clean clothes. Next lie saw a little boy crying because his balloon had flown away. Off flew Robin into the sky and brought down the balloon. “Thank you, little fairy,” smiled the boy gratefully. Robin was very happy. “I wont mind not winning a crown anymore.” he said. “I’ve found something I can do and it makes me happy.”

Next day, the king held his court and he gave out many silver crowns to all the fairies who had done good work. At the end, he brought out a gold crown. “This is for the fairy who went to the world of boys and girls and did beautiful things there. We are all very proud of him.”

You can imagine Robin’s surprise when he got the silver coin He was very happy and hugged Butterfly.

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