Hansel and Gretel

A poor woodcutter and his wife had two children named Hansel and Gretel. Their mother died when they were young. Hansel and Gretel were very sad. Soon their father remarried but their stepmother was very cruel. One day, she took the children deep into the forest and left them there. Clever Hansel had some breadcrumbs in his pocket and had dropped them on the way so that they could find their way back home. Alas! The birds ate all the crumbs and they couldn’t find the path that led back home.

Hansel and Gretel went deeper and deeper into the forest. They were hungry and tired. Finally, after walking for a long time, they saw a cottage made of chocolate, candies, and cake. “Look, Hansel! A chocolate brick!” shouted

Gretel in delight and both ate it hungrily.

Now, a wicked witch lived there. When she saw Hansel and Gretel, she wanted to eat them. She grabbed the chil­dren and locked them in a cage. The witch decided to make a soup out of Hansel and eat him first. She began boiling a huge pot of water for the soup. Just then, Gretel crept out of her cage. She gave the wicked witch a mighty push from behind and the witch fell into the boiling water. She howled in pain and died instantly. Hansel and Gretel found treasure lying around the cottage. They carried it home with them. Their stepmother had died and their father wel­comed them back with tears of joy. They never went hungry again!

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151 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel

      1. This is a copy of a French “Le Petit Poucet” or “Hop-o’-My-Thumb” in English. Nothing creative at all. Sorry !

  1. This is a nice story even if I watch it in a tv… And this is the story I fancied most… I appreciates this story… I love it

  2. It is a very good story and we understood the lesson and if we do aother bad then our bad will hapeb

  3. its very good &easy to under stand this lesson in opt english .I request to all student to read this story once

  4. it’s a nice story. I used it for a LISTENING COMPREHENSION COURSE and my students liked it . The class was lively

  5. u missed that their mother and father will be discussing that they will live Hansel and Gretel in the forest as it i winter and they cannot feed them.then they will listen and he will have an idea of collecting pebbles.

  6. I loved the story although I thought the stepmother was a bit too harsh,and the wicket old witch shows me that there a craps out there who could do the same to our children.

  7. Good one. I had forgotten. Great bedtime story for kids. Teaches about siblings and that there are bad people in this world. Also, it would be a fun activity to have kids make a gingerbread house with ici g and colorful candies. My son really enjoyed.

  8. I feel like as a kid, if I read this, the part where the witch locks kids in a cage and wants to burn them to death and then eat them would be traumatizing.

  9. It doesn’t say why the stepmother left them in the woods. As a kid I wouldn’t understand this story. There also wasn’t that much detail.

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