The Top and the Ball

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A whipping top and a ball were kept in a small box. The ball was made of expensive leather and was multicoloured while the whipping top was made of ordinary wood. The whipping top loved the ball and hoped to marry it one day.

The ball was very proud of its looks. She refused to marry the top. One day, a young boy was playing with the ball. While playing, he kicked it so hard that it flew out of sight, never to be found again. The top was heartbroken and very upset. Five years passed but the ball didn’t return and the top was alone.

Meanwhile, the top was also painted with different colours and looked beautiful. One day, it fell into a garbage dump where it saw something that looked familiar. It was the ball-tattered and torn!

The ball recognised the top and wanted to marry him. But the top said, “You refused to marry me when I looked bad and ugly. Now I shall do the same.

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