The Bird Catcher and the Cricket

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One day, a Bird Catcher went to the forest. He wanted to catch a very special kind of bird. So, he looked everywhere to find a wonderful bird.

Suddenly, he heard a strange sound. It was like loud music, quite different from any bird song.

The Bird Catcher listened for a while and thought, `Oh! This creature has such a strong voice! I am certain it must be quite a large bird that I have never seen before!’

The Bird Catcher planned to catch this loud-voiced bird. He quietly crept towards the sound. The song became

louder and stronger. The Bird Catcher tossed his net out to grab the unseen creature. However, he was shocked!

Instead of catching a big bird with a loud voice, he saw a tiny little Cricket in his net.

Now, the Bird Catcher realised his mistake. He had heard the loud song of the Cricket and thought that a very big bird would be singing such a loud song! He decided that he would never be fooled like that again.

We must not base our opinions on what we hear, alone.

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