The Carabao and the Snail

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Once there was a carabao. One day, the carabao went to a river where he met a snail. He mocked at the snail and said, “You are so slow.” The snail replied, “No, I am not. I can easily beat you in a race.” The surprised carabao said, “Let’s race and see who beats whom.” Soon the race began. The carabao was fast. He covered a long distance and soon the snail was nowhere to be seen. So he called out, “Hey, Snail! Where are you?” Another snail, which was nearby, thought that the carabao was calling him, answered, “Here I am.” The carabao was surprised that the snail could run as fast. He started running faster. Every time he stopped to call, some other snail answered him. So he kept on running until he dropped dead.

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