Last Dream of the Old Oak

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There once was an old oak tree that had lived through centuries. He was proud to be called the oldest tree in the world. He often thought how lucky he was to enjoy the beauty of nature for so long while mortals could enjoy it only for a few decades.

The tree looked back at his life and thought about all that he had seen though the ages–the sun, the moon, the seas and all the animals–bright and beautiful.

He had seen famous kings, beautiful queens and lots of fierce wars. But he had a last wish–he wanted to grow taller, touch the clouds, feel the stars, and see the heavens above.

However, when the harsh winter months approached, the tree lost all his leaves and his roots became frail. Then one Christmas morning as church bells rang, the oak tree died. God had heard the oak tree and fulfilled his wish to touch the sky. He brought the oak tree to heaven.

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