The Evil Cook

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Queen Matilda had no children. She was very unhappy and prayed to God. Soon God answered her prayers and blessed her with a son and said that whatever he wished for would be granted.

One day, when the queen was asleep, the wicked cook took the child away from the sleeping queen. “Sire, the queen has allowed the wild beasts to take the child away!” he told the king. As proof, he put hen’s blood on the queen’s apron. The king was furious. “You deserve to be punished for such a cruel deed. How can a mother neglect her child? You will live in the high tower without any food or water!” proclaimed the king to the queen. But God sent two angels who brought food for her twice a day.

Soon the king’s son grew up. “I Wish for a palace and a pretty maiden as a companion,” said the boy to the cook. Fearing that the prince might wish to be with his father one day and thus his wicked deed would be exposed, the cook told the maiden to kill the boy in his sleep. But the girl could not kill an innocent boy. She told the boy about the cook’s evil plan. The boy cursed him and turned him into a black poodle.

He set out in search of his mother. After finding her he declared, “Mother, I will go to Father and tell him the truth.” He presented himself at the king’s court the next day and told him about the cook’s treachery. The king begged for forgiveness and ordered, “Throw the cook into the deepest, darkest dungeon! He shall never see light again.” The three lived in happiness thereafter.

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