The King of the Lake

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A very brave warrior one day decided to go out to look for adventure. Soon, he came to a lake with a bridge over it. On the bridge was a snake, as big as a tree. But the fearless warrior crossed the river by jumping over the snake. Suddenly, the snake took the form of a man. He was the king of the lake.

The king declared, “I have been waiting for a warrior brave enough to face the fierce snake that I had become. I will take you to my kingdom where you will have to perform a task for me.”

The brave warrior agreed and went with the king. The water of the lake parted to make way for them and they went into the water. When they reached the lake kingdom, they found a huge dragon with eyes of fire and a flaming tongue. The king told the warrior to kill the dragon. The warrior aimed a shot at the dragon’s fiery eyes and killed it. The king rewarded him with gold.

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