The Singer and the Dolphin

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Arion was a handsome singer who lived in the city of Corinth. One day, Arion was returning with precious jewels, which he had won at a competition, when he met some wicked sailors. “Hand over the jewels and you may go,” they said. Arion started to sing, and hearing his voice the pirates fell into a stupor listening to him.

A dolphin too swam up to the ship. “I will carry you on my back to the place you wish to go,” it said. When the pirates regained their senses, they spread the rumour that Arion had stolen their goods. Meanwhile, Arion reached Corinth and gathered his own army. He attacked the pirates and won the battle. In memory of this event, a grand statue of Arion and the dolphin was constructed at Corinth. It is still a famous landmark.

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