The Cormorant and the Fish

An old Cormorant lived by a pond. His eyes had become weak and he could not spot his prey easily. The Cormorant started scheming to meet his daily need of food. One day, he saw a Fish swimming on the surface of the pond.

The Blind Man and the Lame Man

Once, a Blind Man was walking along a rough road. He found it very difficult to walk alone as he could not see the bumps and the puddles on the road. Just then, someone touched the Blind Man’s arm. It was a Lame Man.

The Moon and her Mother

One night, the Moon was shining quietly in the sky. From high above, she suddenly started noticing that the people on Earth looked very colourful and different from each other. She realised that this was because they all wore beautiful clothes! She thought, ‘0,

The Lion and the Goat

ll the animals of the forest were suffering from heat on a hot summer’s day. There was no water anywhere! A Lion and a Goat were in search of water. Both of them reached a pond at the same time to quench their thirst.

The Hen and the Cat

Once upon a time, there lived some Hens and a Cat on a poultry farm. The Hens were scared of the Cat, since, she was known to eat hens and chickens. One day, one of the Hens fell ill. She could not move around

The Hedge and the Vineyard

nce, there was a rich Man who owned large wine estates. He had ayoung careless Son who never helped him with work. The Man tried various methods to make his Son work but, all were wasted. One day, the Man died and the possession

The Hawk and the Pigeons

A flock of Pigeons had made their dovecote around a lush green field. The field had another frequent visitor, a Hawk. All the Pigeons lived in the fear of the Hawk. They always lived on the alert. Every time, there was an attack by

The Doctor and his Patient

One day, a Patient went to a Doctor complaining of severe stomachache. The Doctor examined the Patient and told him that the cause of his illness was excessive drinking of wine. The Doctor prescribed the Patient some medicines and asked him to take them,

Philomel and Progne

Philomel and Progne were sisters. However, once, a man hurt Philomel, thus, she was scared of men. The two sisters were so beautiful and intelligent that one day, a jealous Witch turned Progne into a Swallow, and Philomel into a Nightingale. They lived apart

The Bird Catcher and the Lark

One day, a Bird Catcher was setting traps upon a meadow. A beautiful Lark sat on a tree and watched him from a distance. The Lark became curious and asked the Bird Catcher, “What are you doing?” The Bird Catcher thought, if he could