Intelligence, Kindness and Beauty

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Intelligence, Kindness and Beauty were three friends. One day, they decided to go on a holiday. All three of them decided to go to Great Britain. Before leaving for the holiday, Intelligence said to Kindness and Beauty, “If we three separate during the holiday, how will we find each other?” Kindness was the first to reply. She said, “If I get lost during the holiday, you can find me in the form of a Mother Dog. I would be taking care of stray puppies on the road.” Then, Beauty said to her friends, “If I get lost, you can find me in the form of a Peacock. In the rainy season, when it is wet and cold, I will be dancing in the rain. My dance will entertain everyone.”

At last Intelligence spoke up, she said, “If I get lost, you will find me in the form of an Owl. I will be a wise Owl, who will advise all the animals of the forest.”

Then, all three friends left for Great Britain to enjoy their holiday.


Look for the special quality that everyone has.


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