Zeus and Man

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A long time ago, when life on Earth was being created, God Zeus was giving out gifts to all the creatures.

God Zeus gave strength to the elephants. That is why elephants can carry large logs of wood with their trunks. He gave speed to the lions, so that they could chase after their prey. The birds were given wings to fly. Thus, in this manner, every bird and beast was blessed with a special gift.

Man heard about the gifts Zeus gave all the animals and went to him. He said sadly, “Zeus, you have given special gifts to all the creatures of the Earth. I am the only one left without a gift.”

Zeus smiled and replied, “Don’t you realise that your gifts are the greatest of all?”

Man was confused and asked, ‘What gifts?”

Zeus replied, “No other creature is able to talk and has a mind to think with. Both these gifts are of more value than those given to any other creature.”

Man bowed before Zeus and said, “Thank you, I now know the true value of what I have.”

Everyone has a special ability and we should be
thankful for it.

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