The Circus Dog and the Street Dogs

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In a certain town, there was a company of circus performers. Many animals were trained in the circus to perform different acts.

A Dog was trained to fight. The trained Dog would fight against a bigger and stronger animal like a lion or a bear. The audience cheered till one of the animals got wounded or even died.

The Dog was scared and did not want to fight the fierce animals. One day, he bit the collar around his neck.


Then, he ran out of the tent and through the streets.

The Dog was as strong as a bull, since he was well fed. So, the Street Dogs saw him and asked, “Dear friend, you look quite strong and healthy, why are you running away?”

The Dog replied sadly, “I get lots of good food to eat and have a comfortable life. However, I am forced to fight with lions and bears and risk my life in the ring.”

The other Dogs said to one another, “We may have little, but we are better-off because our lives are not in


Better to be safe with little than have more and
be in danger.

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