The Spectacles

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It was a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining warmly, the flowers were blooming and butterflies were flying. God Jupiter was sitting on a cloud. He was enjoying the view from above. He thought, ‘How pretty the Earth looks! Indeed, the sight makes me happy. I must gift the Humans something!’

Thus, Jupiter ordered Momus to deliver his special gifts to the Humans. On Earth,  Momus called all Humans and said, “0 Humans! All of you were created differently. Your vision is also different. Some of you can see perfectly, while others have weak eyes. Therefore, great Jupiter has sent presents for you.”

Then, Momus opened the sack. It contained hundreds of pairs of Spectacles. There was one pair for each Human. They were very happy.

However, every pair of Spectacles was differently coloured. There were blue, white, yellow and purple pairs. Yet, every Human was very happy with his pair. Each thought that he owned the best pair. All Humans praised Jupiter.

Today, these Spectacles are known as Opinions. Every Human has a different Opinion. Each one thinks that his Opinion is the best among all the others!

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.



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