The Flute Player

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Once upon a time, there was a famous flute player in Rome. His name was Prince. At one of the shows, while Prince was playing the flute, he slipped and tumbled down the stage. People came running to carry him out, as he had broken his leg.

His listeners missed him, as he took many months to recover.

One day, an important man from Rome was organising a show. He invited Prince to make an appearance.

On the day of the show, when the curtains parted, a chorus was being played. Prince had not heard this before, as he was away from the theatre for a long time.

The words of the chorus were “Rejoice, 0 Rome: you are safe now that the Prince is well!”

All the people stood up and clapped loudly. The flute player blew kisses to them, thinking that his listeners were happy to have him back.

The audience knew that Prince was making a mistake. Then, he bowed before the people. Suddenly, he lost control and fell off the stage. The song was in fact being played as an honour to the Prince of Rome.

Self importance can be harmful.

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