The Huntsman and the Fisherman

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Every day, a Huntsman went to a forest near his villag to hunt. He also took his Dog to give him

company. One day, when the Huntsman was returning home, he met a Fisherman on the way. The Fisherman was

carrying a basket full of fish. The Huntsman wanted to take some fish home. He asked the Fisherman, “Can I take some of your fish? In exchange, I will give you some meat of the fox I killed today.” The Fisherman happily agreed. The Huntsman and the Fisherman were very happy with the exchange. Both of them started exchanging their kill with each other every day. This went on for many days. There was a Man who saw the Huntsman and the Fisherman exchange their kill, every day. One day, he said to both of them, “If you both keep exchanging your kill every day, then soon, you will get bored. One day will come, when the Fisherman will wish to keep his fish and the Huntsman will wish to keep his meat.”

We should enjoy what we have and not wish for what we don’t have.



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