The Wild Doves

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One day, a Bird Catcher went to the forest to catch some Wild Doves. He took some of his own Tame Doves and tied them to his net. Next, he spread out the net and hid himself behind a tree.

Soon, the Wild Doves flew into that area. They saw their tame relatives happily sitting among the cords of the net. The Tame Doves did not look as if they were in any danger! So, the Wild Doves flew close to where the Tame Doves were sitting. Suddenly, the knots of the net tightened around their tender feet. The Wild Doves were trapped. They were very frightened and tried hard to escape. However, the Bird Catcher came running out from his hiding place.

The Bird Catcher easily caught the Wild Doves.

The Wild Doves said to the Tame Doves, angrily, ‘Why did you not warn us? Why did you let us get
caught? We are your relatives. Do you not care about us?”

The Tame Doves replied, ‘We wanted to make
our master happy. That is more important to us than pleasing our relatives!”


Good servants are always faithful to their

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