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A Hunter, a Deer, a Pig, a Snake and a Jackal

Once upon a time, a Hunter lived in a forest. One morning, he set out hunting, hoping to find a deer. Soon, he saw a Deer and hunted him down. The Hunter slung him over his shoulder and merrily started home. On the way, he came across a fat Pig. He dropped the Deer on […]

A Rich Mouse and a Holy Man

Once, there lived a Holy Man. He was poor and depended on alms. He would eat a little food and keep the rest in a begging bowl, hung high up on a peg. A Mouse had seen this, and used to jump up and help himself to the food. One day, a friend of the […]

An Old Tiger and a Greedy Traveller

Once, there was an old Tiger that could no longer hunt. One morning, he stood in a lake and held a blade of holy grass in one paw and a gold bracelet in the other. He was shouting, “Ladies and Gentlemen! A gold bracelet for charity.” A Traveller, passing by, liked the gold bracelet. However, […]

The Four Travellers

Once upon a time, a Merchant, a Noble, a Shepherd and a Prince were travelling on the sea. Suddenly, a storm occurred. The four travellers were thrown by the waves on an unknown island. Their clothes were torn and they had lost all their belongings. The Prince started crying, “This is all because of our […]

The Lion Going to War

One day, the King of the Forest called for a meeting. He was preparing to go for war. He wanted to give each animal a responsibility. To the Elephant, he said, “Elephant, you should carry all the weapons of war on your back and fight with great strength.” Then, the Lion told the Bear, “Be […]

The Master and his Student

Once, a Master was walking on the banks of a river. Suddenly, he heard a cry. He ran to the riverside and saw his Student in the water. The Student was waving his arms and crying out loud. When he saw the Master, he shouted, “Master! Please help me. I will drown in the river.” […]

The Farmer’s Wife and the Crow

A Farmer and his Wife lived in a village. The Farmer grew vegetables on his farm. His Wife sold them in the market. One day, the Farmer’s Wife went to sell vegetables in the market. With the money earned from selling the vegetables, she bought some eggs. Then she sat on her horse to go […]

The Trooper and his Horse

Once, a Trooper lived in a country. He worked in the King’s army and was very famous for his bravery all over the kingdom. The Trooper had a beautiful Horse, which was one of the best in the country. The Trooper loved his Horse le a lot. One day, when all the soldiers were dressing […]

The Hodge and the Crow

A Crow built her nest in a forest. It was on a high branch of a sturdy tree. One morning, she laid five eggs in it. She sat over her newly laid eggs to hatch them. One day, when the weather was sunny, the Crow was thinking about her soon-to-be-hatched chicks. Suddenly, a strong wind […]

The Proud Lady and the Caterpillar

A young Lady had a wonderful garden. She took great care of it. One day, she was walking in her beautiful garden and admiring the colourful flowers. She saw the trees laden with juicy fruits and clapped her hands with joy. Suddenly, the Lady saw a Caterpillar on her dress. She was horrified. The Lady […]