Zeus and the Potsherds

One day, Zeus, the King of all Gods, was very angry with the people. He called Hermes, who is the Messenger of the Gods, and ordered, “Hermes, your job is to write down a list of all the bad things done by all the people.”

Hermes asked, “But where do you want me to write them down and what shall I do with it?”

Zeus answered, “Write them on Potsherds, Hermes, and then pile them up in a box. Remember, that’s all you have to do and I will do the rest.”

Now “Potsherds” are broken bits of pottery, which the Greeks used to write on in the olden

days. They would pile up these written Potsherds one on top of the other and store them in a box.

Hermes did his job and piled up all the Potsherds. Zeus then picked them one by one, and punished every person according to the bad deeds they had done.

This is why the bad people, whose Potsherds are at the bottom of the pile, get their punishment later. The

ones whose names are on top of the pile get punished first!

Everyone will have to face justice, sooner or


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