The Statue of Truth

The Greeks believe that Prometheus is the Potter God. He makes man from clay. One day, he decided to sculpt a statue of Truth, who would control the behaviour of the people.

While he was working, Jupiter suddenly called him. Prometheus had an assistant called Trickery. No cunning Trickery was left in charge of the workshop, while Prometheus was away at Jupiter’s command.

Trickery sculptured a statue of the same size, form and features as Truth. When the statue was almost done, he realised there was not enough of clay to use for the feet. However, just then, Prometheus

returned. Trickery quickly sat down on his seat. He was trembling with fear. He thought his master would get angry to see his work.

Prometheus said, “Oh! This is very good work, both the statues are alike!”

Now, Prometheus wanted to get all the praise for his own skill. He put both statues in the oven to bake. Then he brought them both to life. Truth walked away, but the other statue without feet, kept standing.

The statue, which was indeed a copy was just a result of a trick. Thus, it was named Falsehood.

Truth will always win over falsehood.

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