Prometheus and the Two Roads

In the olden days, the Greeks believed Zeus to be the King of all Gods and Prometheus, the God who made man.

One day, Zeus called Prometheus and said, “I command you, Prometheus, to show all human beings the way of freedom and the way of slavery.”

Prometheus said, “The way to freedom will be rough in the beginning, with many blocks and steep climbs. There would be no water to drink. There would be no pathways, only thorns. And there would be dangers on all sides. But the road would become a smooth

plain. There will be fruit trees and streams on both sides of the path. The difficulty will end. People will be able to rest. They will reach freedom.”

Prometheus then added, “The way of slavery will start out as a smooth plain in the beginning. The pathway will be full of beautiful flowers and very -comfortable; just the opposite to the road leading to freedom. But later there will be only blocks, steep climbs and difficulty on all sides.”

Good things in life do not come easy.

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