The Bride anci the Two Grooms

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Once, there were two Men who wanted to marry the same beautiful Girl. One of these Men was rich and the other one was poor. The Poor Man earned his living by renting out his donkey.

The Rich Man liked the Girl only for her beauty, while the Poor Man truly loved her.

However, the Girl chose to marry the Rich Man for his wealth. Now, the Poor Man became sad. At the time of the wedding, the Girl’s parents rented the Poor Man’s donkey for their daughter.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, was looking down from heaven. She decided to help the Poor Man, for he truly loved the Girl.

Thus, as the Rich Man, the Bride and the wedding guests reached the church,

Venus created heavy rains. The Rich Man left the Bride, and ran away, looking for shelter.

The Bride still sat on the donkey. The donkey was scared, and he ran off to his master’s house. When the Poor Man came outside, the Bride saw that he was very sad. Now, she knew that he truly loved her.

Thus, the Girl married the Poor Man and the two lived happily ever after.

Do not choose wealth over love.

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