The Maid

Once, there lived a beautiful and proud lady. One day, she thought of finding a husband for herself. She thought, ‘The man who wants to marry me should be young, polite, calm and supportive. He must also have rank, wealth and wit to match my graceful personality.’

It was difficult to find so many qualities in one person. However, proposals from able suitors poured in. The proud lady found no one suitable for her. One had a nose too short or long! The other was too dull or stupid! She mocked, “What fine suitors! Poor souls! I pity them.” She rejected all the men she had met.

She tried to console herself, ‘I will not regret not marrying any one of these unworthy men. I am content being counted among the most beautiful women in history!’ Time passed. The lady’s beauty faded away. She lost the grace she once had. She realised her folly and wanted to marry soon. But, now no one offered to marry her. She got so scared with the thought of living alone that she finally married a disabled man.

To judge people by looks is wrong. Looks do not stay forever.

The Heron

One day, a beautiful Heron was walking by the side of the river. He had a long slender neck, which held his long sharp beak as a weapon to pierce through the fish. The river was full of a variety of fish like the Carp, the Pike, the Tench and┬ámany more. It was so easy … Continue reading

The Mouse that Retired from the World

Once, there was a Mouse who had many problems in his life. He left his native place and went to live in Holland. There, he got plenty to eat. He worked hard and built a house for himself. He also stored a lot of 1 food to make his old age comfortable. He grew fair, … Continue reading

The Two Goats

Long ago, there lived two Goats. One had curly ┬áhorns. The other had straight horns. They looked for fresh grass, which shepherds had not used for their sheep. The Goats were never afraid to cross high mountains or streams. One day, the Goats went to find grass, each in one direction. Both found lovely fresh … Continue reading

A Lion, a Mouse and a Cat

Once upon a time, there lived a mighty Lion in a cave on top of a mountain. Whenever he went to sleep, a Mouse used to come out of his hole and nibble at his mane. As soon as the Lion woke up, the Mouse would run away and slip off into his hole. The … Continue reading

A Crow, a Deer and a Jackal

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a forest, a Deer and a Crow. One day, a Jackal saw the Deer and wanted to trick him. “I live alone and have no friends. May I be your friend?” asked the Jackal. “Well, all right,” said the Deer. The Crow was not happy as … Continue reading

The Couple and Goddess Discord

Once, a Farmer lived with his Wife in a village. They loved each other and never fought. One day, God threw out Goddess Discord from Heaven. The Goddess, whose name meant argument and quarrel, caused everybody in Heaven to fight and argue. God knew that if she stayed amongst them, all the people in Heaven … Continue reading

The Man who fooled the King

Once, a Man lived in a country. One day, he went to the King’s palace. He said, “I can train animals to speak wisely like men.” The King was very surprised and asked, “Can you train my Horse to speak like human beings?” The Man thought for a minute and said, “Yes, I can! But, … Continue reading

The True Friends

Once, two Friends lived in a city. They loved each other and shared their joys and sorrows. Their friendship was praised by everyone who knew them, “Look at them! What faithful friends!” One night, one of the Friends was fast asleep in his house. Suddenly, he heard a knock on his door. He woke up … Continue reading

The Bear and the Gardener

Once upon a time, there was a mountain Bear who lived in a cave in the forest. The forest had no other bears, so this Bear was all alone. The Bear got used his lonely life. But he would sometimes miss having company. `I will go and look for some friends,’ the Bear thought. After … Continue reading