The Clever Thief

One day, a Thief saw an Old Man counting his money. The Thief wished to snatch his money by making some excuse.

The Thief decided to fool the Old Man and take away his money.

“Why are you stealing fruit from my orchard?” the Thief shouted in anger at the Old Man.

“You must be mistaken,” said the Old Man. “I do not like fruits, so why should I steal from your orchard?”

“Oh stop it!” growled the Thief. Then he thought for a while and said, “Ah! Last year, you spoke bad things about me to your neighbour.”

“No! That cannot be true. I did not live in this house last year,” replied the Old Man.

“Well then, if it was not you, it certainly must have been your brother,” shouted the Thief.

“It cannot have been, for my brother died two years ago, answered the Old Man.

“Never mind, I know it was definitely an Old Man like you, I will not accept excuses anymore,” said the Thief. Then, he snatched the Old Man’s money and ran away with it.

Bad people will find any excuse to do bad things.

The Peacock

Before he got his beautiful tail, the Peacock was an ordinary bird, with a small bunch of feathers.

One day, the Peacock visited Juno, the Goddess of Protection. The Peacock told her that he wished to look grand and beautiful. Juno smiled. He was a good bird and she liked him.

The Peacock then described the long train of brightly coloured feathers that he wanted to trail behind him. He also wished to be the loveliest of all the birds!

To his great joy, Juno agreed.

What a wonderful tail he got! Blue and green with a jewel-like pattern, opening up like a fan when he raised it. Now the Peacock decided to walk like a king! So he held his head high and walked with style!

The common birds looked at him in surprise! Even the pretty long tailed pheasants were jealous!

After showing off his tail, the Peacock decided to fly.

The Peacock was shocked! He simply could not fly. He could take a few flying steps, but nothing more! He sadly realised that had lost a wonderful ability, simply because he had wanted to look good!

Think well before you choose what you want in life.

The Farmer and the Dog

One evening, a Farmer returned home from his farm. He had left his baby asleep in the cradle. His faithful Dog was watching over the child.

When the Farmer reached the room, he saw the baby’s cradle turned upside down and blood everywhere. The baby was missing.

The Farmer understood that a beast had killed his baby. Now he was very sad and upset.

Then he saw that his Dog was lying quietly with blood on his mouth and body. The Farmer was so angry that he picked up a an axe and hit the Dog. The poor Dog cried out in pain and died.

The Farmer now rushed to the turned cradle and lifted it. His little son was perfectly safe and sleeping, peacefully!

A big, ugly Snake lay dead near the cradle.

The Farmer was shocked. He was happy that his baby was safe, but very sad that his beloved Dog was dead.

Now he understood that his Dog had fought and killed the Snake to save the baby. He realised his mistake.

He had killed his loyal Dog without thinking. Sadly, he picked up his baby.

Do not make any decision when you are angry.

The Ape and the Bee

Once, an Ape saw thick syrup under a tree. The syrup looked golden in the sunshine. The Ape saw more drops of the syrup falling from a branch of the tree.

The Ape thought, ‘Oh! That must be honey!’

The Ape looked up. He saw high above him, a hive. He also saw that the Bees were buzzing and working together to make honey.

The Ape wished that he could climb up, break off a piece of the hive, chew it and enjoy the fresh honey! But he did not move at all. He sadly remembered, Just last week, I had tried to steal honey from the hive and the angry Bees had stung me! It was so painful!’

The Ape sighed!

A Bee flying up to the hive looked at him. The Ape asked the Bee, “How are you able to make such a sweet wonderful liquid like honey, and at the same time, carry such a horribly painful sting?”

The Bee nodded wisely and agreed, “Yes, you know our good work tastes sweet; but you must also know that when someone tries to steal it, our anger can be just as bitter!”

If you learn from your mistakes, you will not get hurt again.

The Young Girl and the Hen

A Young Girl lived on a farm with her parents. She loved to play with the farm animals.

One day, while she was playing with the Hens and their Chicks, a Hen pecked her finger and bit it.

“Oh, Papa!” the Young Girl ran to her father, crying and holding out her hand.

The Young Girl’s father asked her, “My bonny little girl! What happened?”

The Young Girl said, “Oh Papa! The Hen hurt me! I am so kind to them, yet one of them bites my fingers every time I go to play with them. They are not nice!”

The Young Girl’s father took her small hand in his own large one. “The poor Hens think you have come to harm them or their little children. So they are scared of you and bite in fear. You should he careful. First play with them from a distance.

When you become friends, then they will never bite you” .

Her father continued, “My dear girl. You should try to understand and respect each creature. Even if they are not like us, they also have feelings and fears!”

First understand people or animals and then get close to them.

The Village Jester

Ayoung man, who did not do any work, lived in the countryside. He used to just amuse the townsfolk and make them laugh. So, he was very popular among the people as a jester.

In those days, the only mode of transport was carriages drawn by horses.

One day, the Jester wanted to play a trick on his simple friends and neighbours. He also wanted to make a little money from the show.

The Jester advertised that, on a certain day, he would show everyone a wheel-carriage. This was a special wheel- carriage which did not need horses. All the country folk could not think beyond their simple imagination. The people were very curious and wanted to find out what this could be.

On the day of the show, all the country folk lined up to take turns to see this marvellous wheel-carriage without a horse.

Alas! They saw that the Jester had a wheelbarrow before him, The people were very embarrassed. They whispered to each other that they had seen a wheelbarrow! They were very annoyed that they had been so easily fooled!

Use your common sense or you will be fooled.

The Dolphins, the Whales and the Sprat

In a sea, there lived Dolphins, Whales and many other small colourful fishes.

One day, the Whales harmed the fishes, who were friends of the Dolphins. The Dolphins got angry and started fighting with the Whales.

All the Dolphins gathered to fight against the huge Whales. The Whales said that they were big and strong. The Dolphins said that they were superior to the Whales. It looked like the fight would never stop.

When the fight became ‘rery serious, a Sprat lifted his head out of the sea and said, “I will solve the matter. I can stop the fight, only if you all accept me as your king.”

One of the Dolphins was very wise. He understood that the Sprat was taking advantage of the fight between the Whales and the Dolphins.

He replied, “We might get killed in our fight with each other, but will not let anybody interfere in our matter.”

The Sprat’s idea of ruling over the fishes failed. He understood that the Dolphins were very wise. They knew the interference of a third person would be harmful for everyone.

Never involve an outsider in your internal matters.

The Ant and the Fly

Once, an Ant and a Fly were fighting over who was more important.

The Fly said, “Ant! What do you think you are? How can you even think about comparing yourself to me? Look at me! You have to work hard but I pass my time with the rich and the learned. I fly into the temples and taste the offerings. I can sit on the King’s crown and kiss the Queen’s forehead. I do not work, yet have the best life!”

The Ant replied, “Don’t be so proud! You are always hated when you enter the temples. You are driven away as soon as you sit on the King’s crown or the Queen’s forehead. You do not have anything left for the difficult times as you are lazy. In winters, you feed yourself on a pile of cow dung. Look at me! I work hard and gather a store of grain for the winter. Later on, when you shiver in the cold, I am safe and at peace in my cosy home. I am prepared to live in any season of the year.”

Look at your own faults, before finding faults in others.

The Girl and the Spider

Once, there lived a beautiful girl named Amelia.

One day, Amelia was climbing the stairs to the attic to play with her toys. Alas! Her frock, made out of muslin cloth, was torn by a sharp nail. When Amelia saw the torn hem of her favourite frock, she became very sad. She kept crying for a long time. Hearing her sobs, a Spider who was busy weaving his web, came out. He asked, “What makes this beautiful girl sad?”

Amelia looked at him and sobbed. She said, “My lovely frock is torn. I am very sad.”

The Spider smiled and said, “Look at me! I work so hard in weaving my web. It takes hours and hours to create my home and only a second for it to be destroyed. I had made my home only yesterday. It was  ashed away by your maid this morning. I was also very sad. Then I thought that instead of being sad, I should start weaving my home, again. So, don’t cry now. Mend your frock, instead. That way, your precious tears won’t be wasted.”

Do not waste time in thinking of what is lost.

The Iron eating mice

Allan and Bailey were childhood friends. They grew up to be prosperous merchants. Their houses were filled with luxuries of life. It so happened that once Allan suffered a great loss in his business. He decided to go to another city to find a new means of livelihood, earn some money and return to his native town to start a new business.

Allan took an iron balance beam inherited from his ancestors and went to Bailey’s house. There he said, “Dear friend, I would like to pawn this heavy and precious beam for some money. I need the money to invest in some small-time business in the city.”

“You do not need to ask dear friend,” said Bailey. “You may leave your property  with me.” Thus assured, Allan went to the city with the money leaving the iron-beam in Bailey’s care.

One day Bailey thought, “What a heavy ironbeam it is! It must weigh about 60 kilos. Why give it back to Allan when I can keep it for myself.” So he hid the ironbeam in his storeroom.

After a few months, Allan returned as a rich man as his sound investments had paid well. He went to meet his friend Bailey with some gifts. He intended to take back the iron-beam he had pawned.

Allan said to Bailey, “Dear friend, now I am back, I would like you to take this money and return the iron balance beam I had kept with you.”

“Oh dear,” exclaimed Bailey with a forlorn expression, “How do I give it back to you ? The mice have eaten your balance beam.”

At this, Allan was surprised as he knew that mice could not eat iron. He at once realised Bailey’s wicked intentions. Without showing any surprise or comprehension on his straight face Allan said, “Yes, my friend, it may be so for all things in the universe are here for their allotted time. Anyway let it be. But now I am going to the river to take a bath, would you be kind enough to send your son Ashley with me? He can take care of my clothes as I take my bath.”

To this Bailey readily agreed and let his son Ashley accompany Allan. He did so as he was conscience-stricken at his cheating deed.

Allan took Ashley along with him to a river which ran by a mountain. There was a cave in the mountain where Allan hid Ashley. He, then blocked the cave’s mouth with a huge rock to prevent Ashley’s escape. Allan returned to Bailey. When Bailey asked about Ashley’s whereabouts, Allan said in a woeful voice, “Friend, I am sorry to bring you this sad news. Your son Ashley was carried away by a arge hawk when I was taking my bath.

“But that’s not possible,” said Bailey. “Whoever heard of a hawk carrying away a young boy? It is unbelievable!” exclaimed Bailey.

“Why, dear friend,” retorted Allan, “when I can be taken in by the tale of the iron-eating mice why don’t you believe what I tell you?”

Then Bailey realised that Allan had comprehended his cheating act. He at once felt even more guilty and promptly asked for Allan’s forgiveness. He promised to return Allan’s iron balance beam and Allan led Bailey to rescue Ashley from the mountain cave.

Tit for Tat is the way of life.