The Power of Fables

Demades was a famous Greek speaker. One day, he was speaking to a crowd of people in Athens, the capital of Greece. He was speaking words of wisdom, but the people were not listening to him. Demades noticed that the crowd was not paying

The Fir-Tree and the Bramble

Once, all the trees of the forest started talking among each other. The tall and handsome Fir Tree boasted, “I am the most beautiful tree. Look at my branches. They almost touch the sky!” He then pointed to the Bramble and said, “You are

The Angler and the Salmon

Once, an Angler was fishing at the riverside. His fishing hook was a very delicate one and was meant to catch small fish only. That day, he kept sitting for many hours but did not catch any fish. H e thought, `This has not

The Swallow, the Serpent and the Court of Justice

There was once a Swallow, who loved to travel. One day, when the Swallow was on a long journey, she thought, ‘Now I must rest for some time. I will build my nest in this new kingdom.’ The Swallow started to build her nest.

The Heifer and the Ox

A Heifer and an Ox lived with a Master. One day, the Heifer saw the Ox harnessed to aplough. He went to the Ox and said, “How do you keep working so hard all day? I would have felt so unhappy doing so much

The Cat and the Cock

There was once a very hungry Cat. He kept searching for something good to eat. He said, “Oh! I have to eat something. My stomach is making strange noises.” Then suddenly the Cat saw a Cock. The Cock was pecking at some grains. The

The Crab and his Mother

One day, a Mother Crab and her baby were walking together. The Baby Crab was walking a little ahead of the Mother. After a while, the Mother Crab said, “Why do you bend towards one side when you walk, my child?” The Baby Crab

The Eagle, the Cat and the Sow

Once, at the top of an oak, lived an Eagle. In the middle of the trunk lived a Cat and in a hollow at the foot, lived a Sow with her young ones. The Cat was very cunning and wanted the whole tree for

The King, the Kite and the Falconer

Once, a Falconer lived in a kingdom. He went to the forest, every day, to catch birds and sell them. One day, he saw a rare Kite. The Kite was magnificent and strong. But the Falconer was lucky and captured the Kite, while it was