The Cat, the Partridge and the Hare

A long time ago, there lived a Partridge under a big, green tree. One day, he decided to go to the fields and find some food. Seeing plenty of food in the fields, he stayed on for many days.

While the Partridge was away, a Hare started living in his house.

When the Partridge had enough to eat, he decided to return. But, he found a Hare living in his house. “This is my house. It belongs to me. Leave my home,” said the Partridge to the Hare. The Hare replied, “The house belongs to whoever is living in

it.” Soon, both of them started fighting for the house.

There was a Cat in the neighbourhood. They decided to ask the Cat to solve their problem. The Cat acted like

he was helpful. He was actually a cheat.

The Partridge and the Hare explained their problem

to the Cat. The Cat pretended to be hard of hearing. He said, “Sorry! I can’t hear you. Please come closer.”

So, the Partridge and the Hare went closer to the Cat. The wicked Cat grabbed them and ate them up.

When two people fight, the third one takes the

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