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Traitors Meet With A Sad End Traitors Meet With A Sad End

Some dogs were guarding a flock of sheep when a wolf appeared on the scene. They became alert and began to bark at him. The wolf could not dare to go further. But he was very clever and cunning. He approached the dogs and said, “We belong to the same family. That is why we […]

The Lion and the Hare

Once a lion was on his usual evening prowl in search of prey. Luckily, it caught sight of a hare sleeping fast under a bush. How happy he was to get a meal without any effort ! The lion was just going to spring at the sleeping hare when he saw a stag passing by. […]

A Wilful Person Ever Suffers

Once upon a time a man was going with his donkey down a hill-road. He was following the donkey with a rod in his hand. The donkey jogged down carefully over some distance. But then suddenly it left the track and strayed aside. Its owner tried his best to drive it back to the track […]

A Brute Can Also See Reason

Once there was a wolf who was very cruel indeed. One day he was able to kill a lamb and enjoy a good meal. So, he was in a jovial mood. Walking around merrily, the wolf caught sight of a boy lying on the ground. He moved towards the boy who got frightened and tried […]

Foolish Friends Are Foes Indeed

Once upon a time, a stag fell ill. So, he came to a clear grassy patch of land and lay down there. In a day or two, he became too weak to move his body even. Soon the news of the stag’s illness spread and a number of his friends came to enquire after his […]

Never Heed Your Enemy’s Advice

Once a wolf saw a lamb at a distance and decided to eat it up. So, he moved light-footedly towards it. He had a mind to fall upon his prey suddenly after getting near it. But as the wolf moved, the poor animal saw him and ran for its life. The wolf gave it a […]

One On Two Stools Surely Falls

Once upon a time there was a man who was around fifty in age. His hair was turning grey. But he had a very romantic nature. He loved to be in the company of beautiful women. Now, the man had two beloveds—one about his own age while the other quite youthful. He tried to look […]

Learn To Fix Your Loyalty

Once a war broke out between the birds and the beasts. Many battles were fought one after the other. If now the birds got the upper hand, the next time beasts were successful. The bats played a very treacherous role in this war. They never threw their lot with either of the two sides. They […]

The Behaviour Counts

Once upon a time a flea saw an ox who was grazing in a pasture. He knew that oxen work for men on their farms. But he didn’t like it. He was proud that he fed on men’s blood and yet didn’t do anything for them. Approaching the ox, the flea said, “How is it […]

Never Be Ungrateful

Once two travellers were going along a dusty road that had no trees along its sides. High summer as it was, the sun was scorchingly hot. The travellers looked for some shelter from the hot sun. Suddenly they saw a tree with big leaves and branches spread like an umbrella. It had a thick shade […]