The Geese and the Tortoise

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Three friends, a pair of geese and a turtle lived happily in a shallow lake. However, as the summer came, the lake

started drying up.

The geese were worried. “It is not wise to stay here anymore,” they told turtle. “It is high time we move to a new lake.”

“I cannot fly like you,” said an upset turtle. “I don’t know what I will do?”

The geese loved their friend dearly. “Don’t worry my friend,” said a goose. “We will surely plan out something.”

“What is the plan?” asked the turtle eagerly. One goose came up with a plan. “All you need to do is to hold a stick by your mouth. We will hold it at the end of each two sides using our beaks and lift you up. But remember one thing, if you open your mouth, you’ll fall down dead.”

“I will not open my mouth, assured turtle.

Thus the geese helped turtle. As they were flying over a village, the people were amazed to see such a sight and they started laughing. “Hey! Look at that turtle!” they shouted. “It looks so funny!”

Turtle was angry. Unable to control himself, he opened his mouth to ask his friends, “Why are they laughing?”

Before he could realize, he fell down to the ground dead. The geese felt very sad for their foolish friend.


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