The Old Man and the Three Young Men

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Once, three strong Young Men lived in a village. They did not do any work at all and just roamed around the village, making fun of people.
One day, the three Young Men were walking on the road. At a farm, they saw an Old Man, with grey hair and a grey beard. They noticed that he was planting some fruit trees.

A Young Man laughed at him and said, `Why are you planting those trees?” The second Young Man said, “You are so old now You may not live to eat the fruit.” “Oh Young Men! My trees will give fruits, in some years. Maybe I do not live to eat any of these fruits but many others can enjoy them. This way they will remember me, as, through hard work, I will leave my mark even after I die. But what do you do? How will people remember you?”

The three Young Men understood that the Old Man was right. They knew that they would only be remembered as fools.

Thus, from that day onwards, they started working very hard.

Good deeds are remembered even after death!

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