Lame and the blind

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John was a blind boy. He was unable to see anything. One day he was running from pillar to post in order to cross a road. Another boy, by name George was standing nearby. John asked him to help him to cross the road. George was lame. He told to John.

“Friend ! I am lame. How can I help you!”

“Why not ? I cannot see. But you have eyes to see. Through your eyes I see. I have legs. you can walk with the help of my legs. Let both of us go together and cross the road.” George agreed. They became friends and crossed the road.

They had walked a little. George saw a bag lying on the ground. Then George told John, ” Friend, please follow me. There is one bag lying on the ground. Let both of us take it.”

John helped George. Both of them approached the place where the bag was lying. John took the bag. Both of them sat near a tree.

John opened the bag. There were plenty of coins in the bag.

“Oh ! For few days I will be happy and eat well” George said. Immediately replied John : “George, you forgot me. Actually I brought you here. Therefore you got the bag. Naturally there is a share to me also.”

George repented for a while.

Thereafter both of them lived happily.

 MORAL:We may become lucky. But we must know that there is a share to others who made us lucky. 

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