Castles in the air

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Thousand years ago there lived a scholar Ramabhatta in a village. Those days were difficult for people to survive. Especially Ramabhatta had very meager earnings. He was very poor. He lived begging here and there. His scholarship was not utilized by the villagers properly. He had to live without food in the nights.


Once he was given a mud pot full of rice flour to enable him to prepare rotis and eat even in the nights. Ramabhatta carried the pot on his head and was approaching his house. On the way he was tired much and so he sat on a raised platform, to take rest. He started thinking how he will become rich…..


“Oh ! why should I not have more money. Let me sell the rice flour. I shall buy two sheep with the money I get. The sheep grow and yield the young ones. I shall sell all of them and buy an ox with the money I get. Then I shall buy an horse. Thereafter I shall sell horses and build a big house. Then I will marry a girl. In an year, I will get a son. He wants to ride a house. Then I shall tell my wife to hold him. She will be cooking in the kitchen. She will not do what I say. In an angry mood I shall beat her with a

stick ….. ” thus speaking to himself the scholar hit the pot. The floor went as a waste. Ramabhatta

had to go without food the whole day.

 MORAL: Do not think what you cannot achieve. 

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