Two doves

Once upon a time. There lived a hunter who used to hunt birds and sell them in the market for money. Whenever he was hungry he was eating the baked flesh of the birds. He was going Ad to forest with a net and bamboo stick in order to hunt birds.

One day he was unable to get any bird. He wandered here and there in the forest. No where he could get even a single bird. The hunter was very much tired. As he moved from forest to forest, it was late night. So he could not go back to his village. There was full darkness in the forest. The hunter decided to spend the night under the shade of a tree.

The hunter found out a place to sleep. But as he stood under a tree he started shivering. It started raining also. The hunter had no proper clothing. He was worried.

There were two doves living in the top of the tree. They were close to each other. Both of them saw the hunter.

Male dove said – “darling, see the plight of the hunter. He is dying of this chill weather suppose he spends the whole night in this rain he will die in the morning. But he is our enemy. He has no heart. He is not compassionate. Suppose he sees us, he will kill us. Whatever it may be he is our guest this night. We have to protect him. It is our duty.”

The female replied ” dear, what you said is correct. If he spends the whole night under the tree no doubt he will die. If he dies, we will become sinners. Therefore let us warm him up Do something.”

While they were talking the rain fall was little less. The hunter leaned his back to the tree.

The female said; “dear, shall we throw down our nest ? Because we don’t have dry sticks to burn. Let the hunter burn the nest and warm himself.”

Both the doves agreed. They threw the nest.

The hunter was happy to see the nest. Quickly he opened a match box and lit the nest. There was fire. So the hunter was pleased to warm him. He had no food the whole day. He was hungry.

The doves saw the hunter and the kind enough to satisfy his hunger. The lady dove who had mother’s heart said, “darling, the hunter is our guest. Why should we not sacrifice ourselves and become his food?” thus said, the female dove fell into the fire. The hunter was glad to see the bird. He thanked god and baked the bird and ate the delicious meat. But it was not enough for him. He saw the top of the tree.

The male dove understood the hunter’s feelings. Immediately he fell down into the fire thinking that it would be better if the hunter is satisfied. As soon as it fell into the fire there was a huge sound in the sky. There was a shed of flowers.

The hunter was confused. There came a golden chariot. The demi god who came in the chariot converted the two doves into human form and took over them to the upper world in his chariot.

 MORAL: Those who sacrifice themselves for the sake of others are great.

Lame and the blind

John was a blind boy. He was unable to see anything. One day he was running from pillar to post in order to cross a road. Another boy, by name George was standing nearby. John asked him to help him to cross the road. George was lame. He told to John.

“Friend ! I am lame. How can I help you!”

“Why not ? I cannot see. But you have eyes to see. Through your eyes I see. I have legs. you can walk with the help of my legs. Let both of us go together and cross the road.” George agreed. They became friends and crossed the road.

They had walked a little. George saw a bag lying on the ground. Then George told John, ” Friend, please follow me. There is one bag lying on the ground. Let both of us take it.”

John helped George. Both of them approached the place where the bag was lying. John took the bag. Both of them sat near a tree.

John opened the bag. There were plenty of coins in the bag.

“Oh ! For few days I will be happy and eat well” George said. Immediately replied John : “George, you forgot me. Actually I brought you here. Therefore you got the bag. Naturally there is a share to me also.”

George repented for a while.

Thereafter both of them lived happily.

 MORAL:We may become lucky. But we must know that there is a share to others who made us lucky. 

Castles in the air

Thousand years ago there lived a scholar Ramabhatta in a village. Those days were difficult for people to survive. Especially Ramabhatta had very meager earnings. He was very poor. He lived begging here and there. His scholarship was not utilized by the villagers properly. He had to live without food in the nights.


Once he was given a mud pot full of rice flour to enable him to prepare rotis and eat even in the nights. Ramabhatta carried the pot on his head and was approaching his house. On the way he was tired much and so he sat on a raised platform, to take rest. He started thinking how he will become rich…..


“Oh ! why should I not have more money. Let me sell the rice flour. I shall buy two sheep with the money I get. The sheep grow and yield the young ones. I shall sell all of them and buy an ox with the money I get. Then I shall buy an horse. Thereafter I shall sell horses and build a big house. Then I will marry a girl. In an year, I will get a son. He wants to ride a house. Then I shall tell my wife to hold him. She will be cooking in the kitchen. She will not do what I say. In an angry mood I shall beat her with a

stick ….. ” thus speaking to himself the scholar hit the pot. The floor went as a waste. Ramabhatta

had to go without food the whole day.

 MORAL: Do not think what you cannot achieve. 

Midas touch

Midas was the king of Greenland. He had enormous riches. He was the richest among the kings of his time. His kingdom was also very large and wide. There was no need of further riches. But still he was not satisfied with his wealth and kingdom. He wanted to become still rich and extend his kingdom to farther limits.

King Midas had a beautiful daughter. He loved her very much. Her eyes were always twinkling. Midas wanted to marry her to a prince who is rich in all respects.

King Midas was always praying God, the Almighty to bestow him with more riches.

Once he continuously prayed without taking food and water. God was pleased with his prayer. Soon he appeared before Midas and said to him,

Oh! My devotee, what do you want from me? You have everything. What more you need my dear son? I shall fulfill your desire. Please ask.”

Midas said: “Oh God! I am so happy. I wish ink to have more and more wealth. Please bless me that whatever I touch shall become gold.”

God said, “Midas, Think over. Is it ok if fulfill your wish?”

Midas replied, “Yes my Lord. I have thought over it for a long time. This is all my wish with this I shall become richest in the world.”

God said , “Ok then. I grant you your wish saying so God disappeared.

Midas was overjoyed. His joy knew no bounds He touched what not ? whatever he touched it became gold. He touched chairs, tables, pillars, boxes and many items. All of them were turned into gold. He was so tired and was hungry. He called on his servants and told them to bring food. The servants brought him food.

As soon as Midas touched the food in order to eat, it turned into gold. He was upset. Suddenly his daughter came running to him and hugged him.

Midas touched her head. She was also suddenly turned into gold.

Now only Midas could remember what God said. God has asked him to think over.

Midas was in a fix. He began crying. He went to his room where he had worshipped God a day before. He started praying again to appear and solve the crisis.

God appeared soon and said, “Oh ! Midas, what more you want ? I already gave you what you asked. Do you want some more riches’?”

Midas replied, “No, No, I don’t need any more. Oh God ! My greed for riches had made me blind. Look her. My daughter has become gold. How can I talk to my beloved child. Oh my Lord ! please help me to have my earlier state. I don’t need any gold or riches. I want my daughter. I need food.”


God said, “Ok my dear son. I shall do the needful. Let your daughter become alive. Have food first. I have taken back the boon” Thus said God disappeared.


Midas saw his daughter alive. The food was normal. He ate well. He was happy. He never became greedy. He lived with what he had.



MORAL: Be content with what you have contentment is real wealth.

The gardener

Wills was a gardener. He was pious. He was always active. He was never lazy. Above all he was honest. He had worked hard when he was young. He became old. He had two children.

One day Wills called his children and asked,   “My dear children, have you seen my garden?”

“Yes father, why not ?”

“Look. You know the trees in the garden bear sweet fruits.”

“Yes father ! It is a very beautiful garden. Have we not tasted the fruits ? oh! They are delicious.”

The gardener saw his own hands. A spade was kept in the corner. He also saw the spade. His hands got wrinkled. He drew his children’s hands. They were too soft. They had not worked till date.

Wills said : “My children, you have not worked a single day in your life time. I have my own doubt whether you work or not in future also. But I have hidden huge treasure in between two trees. Both of you dig the earth and try to acquire the property. The property is your’s. But you have to put strenous effort.”

Telling so, the gardener died.

The sons didn’t delay. They were so happy that they get huge money so that they can live happily. So they took the spade kept in the corner of the house and started digging to earth in between two trees. They worked hard for the whole week. They removed weeds, stones and shales. They cleaned the ground. They didn’t find any treasure beneath the ground. They digged the earth between the other trees also. They did not get any property there also. In a few days they saw the trees full of sweet fruits.

Both of them plucked them and sold them out in the market. They got huge sum of money. They understood the value of labour. Both of them decided to work hard and bring a name to their father. They also understood what their father said about the treasure.

       MORAL: There is nothing equal to honest work.

The hunter and the bear


Kalaiah was a hunter. He was very brave. Not that he hunted tigers or bears. He was good at talking about them. When somebody met him he used to say “look, last night I hunted a bear in a thick forest. Actually the bear gazed at me. I had no fear. I told the bear to be ready to go to heaven. I killed it in no time.” That’s what Kalaiah was doing.”

Some people do when they know that they have to talk and talk only and could do nothing more than that.

Once Kalaiah while he was searching for a bear in a forest he met a woodcutter and asked  him, “My dear friend, do you have any idea,  where I can find the foot prints of a bear ?”

The wood cutter was pleased.

“Why not ? plenty of them,” he said, “Follow me to the bear’s den.”

The hunter Kalaiah was upset.

“No… No ! friend. Thank you. It is not necessary.” Kalaiah began to shake with fear,

” I am looking only for bear tracks.”

The wood cutter laughed and went.

MORAL: Does boasting help anyone? 

The little mouse

There lived a saint who had magical powers. Once a little mouse came to him and said : “Oh holy man, please save me. I am afraid of cats. With your powers change me into a cat.”

The saint whispered few hymns. All of a sudden the rat had changed into a cat. Just two days passed. The rat that was changed into a cat returned to the saint and said once again, “Oh holy man, the dogs keep chasing and bark at me. I am very scared of dogs. Please change me into a dog. The saint miraculously changed it into a dog.

A week passed. The dog, the earlier rat returned to the ashram where the saint lived and told him that he was afraid of tiger. The saint understood the situation and changed the dog into a tiger.

The tiger went to live in the forest.

One day a hunter came into the forest and tried to catch it. The tiger came running back to the saint. “Oh holy man, I am afraid of the hunter. Please change me into a hunter” it said.

The saint changed the tiger into a hunter.

But just after a few days, the hunter came to the ashram and fell at the feet of the saint and said, ” Sir, I am afraid of other people. So change me “He began to say. The saint interrupted and said, i” look, whatever form I change you into, your fear always ramains with you. So it is better you become as you were in the beginning.” Then he changed the hunter back into the mouse.

  MORAL: Fear weakens a person. 

Chan, the potter

Chan was a potter. He lived in a village. He was making pots and selling them in the village fare. He was earning his livelihood thereby.

Chan was in a habit of drinking liquor.  One day as he was drunken he fell down on a broken pot. The sharp edge of the broken pot pierced his forehead and he started bleeding. Somehow Chan didn’t care much for his wound. He left it to heal. Thought it had healed, it had left a big scar on his forehead.

Few months passed. It didn’t rain in the village. There was famine in the country. The potter could not run his business. So he left his village and went to a distant town. There lived a king. Chan got himself employed in the king’s service.

Few days passed. There was pleasure in the town. Everybody was happy. One day the king noticed the big scar on the forehead of the potter, Chan. He thought to himself that Chan must be a brave man and the scar was most probably the result of his face to face fight with some soldier in a battle.

The king decided to place Chan in a high position. Chan was made an army general.  A few months passed. A war happened to broke. The king decided to appoint the potter the chief of the army. He summoned him to the palace, Chan rushed to the court.

“General, what’s your name ? How did you get this scar on your fore head. I am really proud of you ? What was the name of the battle you fought in ?” the king asked.

Chan was in dilema.

“Your Majesty” replied Chan, “I am only a potter by profession. Once I fell down on a broken pot in a drunken state and that’s how I got wounded. I am not any soldier to fight in a battle.”

Hearning this, the king was very much dejected and ordered his servants to throw him out of the army.

Chan asked excuse and requested the king to keep in royal service and he would prove his worth in the army.

The king got angry and ordered his servants to drive him out of the kingdom.

When a position is offered, one has to try to retain it.

 MORAL: If you speak the truth sometimes it may go against you. Speak truth, but think once.

The sage and the disciple

Shiva Sharma, a sage was very happy with one of his disciples Ramakrishna that he taught him a unique hymn.

“Ramakrislina, be sure. This mantra fulfil anything you wish for” he told his disciple. Ramakrishna was not happy with one such hymn. So he told his teacher : “Guruji, Have I not served you for many years? Teach me one more mantra so that I can wish for two things.”

Shivasharma advised him not to ask any more. But Ramakrishna didn’t listen. So his teacher taught him one more hymn. Ramakrishna left the Ashram happily.

He reached home. He desired to test the mantra taught by his teacher. He wished that his house should be full of gold. The whole house turned into gold. Wherever he saw there was gold. Seeing so much wealth Ramakrishna became very happy and was overjoyed at it. After a while his mind started working.

`To day I am very rich. Everybody will come to know it. Tomorrow robbers and thieves will start coming to my house. All my gold will be robbed. I will be left with nothing’ Ramakrishna said to himself.

So he used the second mantra and wished that all the gold should be seen by him only and not others. The mantra worked well.

One day Ramakrishna went out to sell some gold to get some money in order to buy food grains. He went to a goldsmith’s shop. He had forgotten his second wish. What he could see as gold the others could not see anything at all. The goldsmith started laughing at him.

“Ramakrishna , you are telling gold. Where is gold ? I am not seeing anything in your hand” the goldsmith said.

By that other people gathered there. They also started to laugh and called him a madman and drove him away.

Ramakrishna was annoyed what he had gained was lost because of his greediness.

MORAL: Greediness never pays

The Fox and the crow

Once a crow was very hungry. He saw a piece of meat. He picked it up and flew into the forest and sat down on a tree to eat. A fox passing by saw the crow. Its mouth watered when he saw the meat in crow’s mouth. The fox desired to eat it. But how can it ask the crow to give it to him. So he thought of a plan.

“Oh ! my sister ! how are you ? After a very long time I am seeing you. It is such a long time since I have heard the sound of your melodious voice. Can’t you sing a song for me?” the fox said.

The crow didn’t reply.

Again the fox asked the crow to sing.

“Dear sister. I am very much upset. I want to hear your song. Definitely your song gives me peace of mind. Moreover it is a fortune that I have met you. Please sing.”

The foolish crow believed the fox’s flattery and opened its mouth to sing ‘Ka, ka, ka.’ As soon as the crow opened its mouth the piece of meat fell down and the fox picked it up in its mouth and ran away.

  MORAL: Do not believe a flatterer.