The Fox and the Wolf

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A Wolf lived in a cave. He had stocked up lots of food and did not need too hunting. He then stayed in the cave and enjoyed the food.

When the Wolf did not go out for many days, his friend, the Fox, looked everywhere for him. At long last the Fox found out where the Wolf was. Pretending to ask how the Wolf was feeling, the Fox came to the mouth of the cave and peeped in.

The Fox thought, he would be invited to share the goodies. But, the Wolf replied in a gruff voice, “I am too sick to see you, my dear friend.”

The Fox trotted off, very angry and upset with the Wolf. He went straight to the Shepherd and said, “Get yourself a good stick and come with me, I shall show you where the Wolf lives.”

The Shepherd found the Wolf and killed him with the stick. The Fox then took all the Wolf’s belongings. He did not enjoy the fruits of his betrayal for long! After a few days, the Man was passing by the cave. He saw the Fox there and killed him, too!

Betrayal ends in punishment.

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