The Wolf and the Ass

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Once, there lived a pack of Wolves in the forest. The Wolves hunted animals in the forest and the nearby village every day, but they did not have a leader.

Therefore, one day, the Wolves decided to select a leader among them.

Thus, a Wolf was selected as the leader. The leader Wolf lectured others about the deeds they should do, but did not do them himself.

One morning, the leader called all the other Wolves and said, “Dear friends! What I am about to say is very important. All of us should be selfless, because it is evil to be greedy. Therefore, I have made a law. While hunting, if you see that any of our brothers is hungry; then you shall give your food to him.”

The other Wolves were very impressed. They said, “Hear! Hear! We have a fine leader. We should do as he says.”

An Ass who was listening to them said, “O leader Wolf! Let us begin the selflessness with the sheep that you killed last night and hid in your cave.”

The leader Wolf ran away quickly to his cave, so that no one could eat his sheep.

Act according to your words.

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