The Ploughman and Fortune

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Once, there was a Ploughman who lived in the village. He ploughed the land by turning over soil with his plough. He earned his living by ploughing the fields of the farmers of the village.

However, the Ploughman was very poor, since he could not earn enough money. Thus, he worked harder and longer on the fields.

One day, the Ploughman was ploughing a farmer’s field. Suddenly, his plough hit something hard in the soil and made a ‘clang’ sound. As he dug further, he an old chest buried in the soil. He pulled the chest out and opened it. There was a huge treasure in the chest! Now the Ploughman was very happy, for he had finally found a lot of money. The Ploughman bent on his knees and said, “Thank you Mother Earth!
Thank you for gifting me this treasure!”

Suddenly, Goddess Fortune appeared before him and said, “O Ploughman! You are thanking Mother Earth because you found your fortune in the soil. If you had lost your fortune, you would have blamed me for taking it away from you!”
The Ploughman understood what Goddess Fortune said and thanked her

If you blame someone for agony, thank them for joy, too.

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