The Eagle and the Kite

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One day, an Eagle flew to the branch of a tree. The Eagle was very sad. A Kite saw her and asked, “Why are you sad?”

The Eagle replied, “I am unable to find a strong husband for myself.”

The Kite said to the Eagle, “I am very strong. I am even stronger than you. You can marry me.”

The Eagle asked the Kite, “Will you be able to get me food to eat?” To prove his strength, the Kite said to the Eagle, “I can carry an Ostrich in my claws. If you marry me, I will get you an Ostrich to eat.” The Eagle happily agreed to marry the Kite. One day, after their marriage the Eagle asked the Kite to bring her an Ostrich to eat. The Kite flew into the air and brought a dirty, stinking rat, which was lying on the ground, for the Eagle.

The Eagle was unhappy to see the rat and said to the Kite, `You have not been able to fulfill your promise of getting me an Ostrich.”

The Kite replied, “To be able to marry you, I would have promised and said anything.”

Everything is fair in love.

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