Aesop and the Poultry

nce, Aesop was standing outside a poultry farm near the road-side. He was looking at the Poultry, very keenly. When people saw him standing there for a long time, they became curious. They started asking each other, “Why is Aesop watching the Poultry so keenly?”

One of them said, “Let us go and ask him what the matter is.” They were like those people who are only interested in what others do.

They approached Aesop, but Aesop did not look at them. He still looked at the Poultry in the farm. One of the men got interested and asked, “Aesop, what is it in this farm that has grabbed your attention?” Aesop then looked at him and replied, “I am amazed to see this Goose.” One of the men in the crowd asked, “How can such an animal amaze you?”

Aesop smiled and said, “I am amazed at how humans readily copy this foolish Goose.”

“In what ways do we humans copy this animal, Aesop?” asked another man from the crowd.

“Well, just like these animals, we humans also brag so much about ourselves and may often harm ourselves badly!”

Never make false claims about your abilities.

Aesop and his Fellow Servants

Once, Aesop’s master was going on a journey. All the Servants, including Aesop had to carry sacks on their backs. Aesop selected a sack that contained bread. It was also the largest and the heaviest sacks. The other Servants laughed at him for choosing the largest sack.

The remaining Servants chose sacks, which were not as large or heavy as Aesop’s sack.

B16Then the journey started and all the Servants carried their sacks on their backs. When they looked at Aesop carrying a heavy sack, they made fun of him. After some hours, everybody stopped for lunch. Aesop was asked to distribute bread from his sack. He distributed the bread to all and this lightened his burden by half.

They all started walking again. Soon, it was time for supper. Aesop was asked to distribute the remaining bread to everybody. He did so and this emptied his sack. For the remainder of the journey, he had nothing but the empty sack to carry. The other Servants’ loads seemed to get heavier and heavier at each step. Now they approved of Aesop’s clever decision!

Think about future gains while taking any
decision; even if they require hard work.

The Man who lost his Axe

Once, there was a Man who was busy digging a ditch in his vineyard. He was tired and wanted to rest. So he put down the Axe for some time. When he had rested enough, he wanted to continue digging. But, his Axe had disappeared!

B15Soon, he called together all his hired men and asked them, “Have any of you seen my Axe , the one I was using?”

“No,” they replied.

The Man was very angry and said, “I know one of you has taken it. I will find out who the thief is, whatever it would cost me!” He insisted, “Come along to the temple of the famous prophet in a neighbouring city.”

While they were washing their feet at the fountain in the market-place the town-crier came and said in a loud voice, “The sacred shrine has been robbed last night! A

large reward would be given to whoever finds the thief.” At once, the Man told his men, “Let us return home

right away. If the God of the shrine cannot tell who robbed his temple, how would he know who took my Axe?”

It is silly to believe that our problems will be solved on their own.

The Fly and the Mule

One day, a Mule was dragging a chariot (two-wheeled vehicle used for races). The Mule was so tired, it seemed he was drunk.

While he was walking, a Fly came and sat on the wheel of the vehicle. She said toB14 the Mule, “Oh you drunken Mule, why do you walk so slow? You look like a strong and big beast then why can’t you walk a little faster?”

The Mule was very angry. The Fly’s behaviour made !aim furious. He turned to the Fly and said, “My dear little friend, I am not scared of you. I do not pay attention to what you say regarding me.”

He continued, “I only care about the person who rides the cart. He is my guide. I follow his command and he gives me the direction to walk. If I walk slowly, he increases my speed by beating me with his stick. Therefore, you go away. I don’t want to talk to someone who is rude to me.”

“I know when I have to walk fast and at what time I should walk slowly!”

It is foolish to guide someone who knows his job well.

The Deer and the Vine

Two Huntsmen were riding around when they saw a Deer and started chasing it.

The Deer knew that the Huntsmen would kill him, so he ran as fast as he could to save his life. He saw a thick Vine, nearby and hid himself behind the large, leafy Vine leaves. The Huntsmen were riding on very fast horses and were very close behind. They were going so fast that they went paB13st the Vine and the Deer, without stopping.

After a little while, the Deer could not hear the Huntsmen any more. He peeked out slowly and could not see anyone close by.

The Deer thought he was safe. All the running had made him hungry. What could he eat? He saw the Vine and nibbled at a leaf.

The Vine shook as the leaves rustled. But right then, the Huntsmen were returning back and they spotted the Deer at once. One of the men got down on the ground and shot the Deer with an arrow.

The dying Deer said to himself, “It serves me right. If I had not eaten what saved me, I would have been safe right now!”

When we harm someone who helps us, we are harmed ourselves.

The Playful Mule

Once, there was a very playful and young Mule. He was also very frisky, as he ate a lot of corn. He had a lot of energy but did not work much.

One day, having nothing else to do, the Mule started galloping in the fields. He was galloping around at a good speed and kicking up a lot of dust. He thought that maybe he was a Horse, because he was so good at racing!

B12The more he thought about it, the more he got excited and said to himself, ‘If I can gallop so fast, then surely, I must be the son of an excellent racer. My father must be great and I have my father’s speed and his skill.’

The next day, the Mule was hitched to a cart full of baggage. His master took him on a long journey. The Mule was not used to hard work and became very tired.

Disappointed with himself, he said aloud, “I have made a mistake. I am a Mule and my father must have also been a Mule. Only a Mule could be so tired doing his work!”

We come to know our true nature only when we test it.

The Fox and the Pig

One day, a Fox wanted to cross to the other side of a river. He decided to swim across and reach there.

Now, the river was flowing very fast. The Fox tried to swim but was swept away by the force of the water. Tumbling along the bumpy river and rocks, he was finally thrown into a deep ditch.

He could not move, as he was hurt and tired and was feeling very sick. He lay still. Soon, many hungry, bloodsucking flies settled on him.

B11A Pig, who was passing by, saw the Fox was hurt and was in great pain. He  said, “Shall I drive away the flies? They are sucking your blood. You will feel much better when they are gone.” “No! Not at all!” said the Fox. “Do not disturb them.”

The Pig was surprised. “Why won’t you let me drive away the flies?” he asked the Fox.

“You see, kind Pig, these flies are full of blood.

They are hurting me very little. The new ones who will take their place, will drink all the blood I have and I will be worse.”

Think carefully as help offered may not be the help you need.

The Ass, the Dog and the Wolf

nce, there was a Man who lived in the village. He owned an Ass and a Dog. One day, the Man was returning from the town with his two animals. The Ass was carrying many sacks on his back. The Man was walking behind him. The Dog was walking behind the Man. All three were tired and hungry.

After some time, the Man, the Ass and the Dog stopped at a meadow to rest. The MB10an lay down under a tree and fell asleep. The Ass started feeding on the green grass of the meadow.

The Dog said to the Ass, “Friend Ass, please bend down a little. I want to take some food from the bag on your back, for I am very hungry”

The Ass said, “Let our master wake up. He will give you your food.” The poor Dog quietly lay down, too.

Suddenly, a Wolf came to the meadow. He saw the Ass and pounced on him. The

Ass shouted, “Friend Dog, please help me!”

The Dog said to him, “Let our master wake up. Then I will save you.” Soon, the Wolf had killed the Ass and eaten him.

What you do, comes back to you.

The Thief and the Boy

Once, there was a Thief. He did not feel sorry for his bad deeds. He also believed that he was very smart. Often, he thought to himself, ‘I am the smartest of all. No one can trick me!’B8

One day, the Thief was walking down the countryside, he saw a Boy. The Boy was sitting near a well. The Thief saw that the Boy was crying. The Thief asked him, “Why do you cry, young lad?” The Boy showed him a piece of rope and said, “I came to this well to fill some water. My bucket was tied to this rope. It was made of silver and now it has fallen into the well!”

The Thief thought, `Ah! A bucket made of silver. I shall steal this bucket.’ Thus, he said to the Boy,

“Do not cry! I will find your bucket.” He took off his clothes and jumped into the well. He searched for the silver bucket, but could not find it. As he came out of the well, he saw that the Boy was gone, too. Also, he had stolen all his clothes!

Bad deeds will always be repaid by bad fortune!