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Leaning on Faith
Ruth was so excited to travel but had one moment of uncertainty. She waited to received her declaration form by email results to travel.
Packed ready to travel and said her goodbye to her daughter Eve, Amyah, Leah and Shantey (three grandchildren).
Travelled in a car to the station and taking the train going to Gatwick Airport. It was long underground walk inside tunnel and there was no lift only steps or sliding escalator long walk along the corridors ahead was the only option. The escalator extended and consumed time to check and abroad the aeroplane. She made it to check in area but was stop by the security guard who looked at required documents. Told she need no declaration form to go to the Caribbean island she was going to providing she was travelling with that country passport that made her so happy and patiently waited to queue up. At last showed passport at the desk but was told that she needed the form to travel and the flight was leaving 10 minutes. That was no chance sweet home for her today the flight departed her. Her form was completed and she was not on the plane but hoping she could be on another flight as it was unreasonable to buy a ticket from agency so no rebooked to another flight only to pay again for another flight. Did she prayed? No!
But after losing her money to travel unable to get refund, no money to get home she prayed, your daughter helped and a friend paid for her to get another flight home.
Yes, the Creator heard and answer her prayer and she gave praise to the Almighty and those who helped her to get home. With faith and trusting the Almighty the impossible will be possible. It is a heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally will save us in difficult times believe him and be blessed the Father is control of your difficulties and struggles.
Prayer enfolds that Love is everything. It is good to pray and not be fearful to ask for everything before you leave on any journey put The Almighty first above all things everything happen for a reason

lesson learn don’t put your eggs in one basket. EVERYTHINS happen for reason: speak to the Almighty your problem let him solve it. You will learn how much the Creator loves you.

Venelia Ferguson

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