Wonder Girl Saves the World

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Xelxis was a being from outer universe. She was a member of the Supreme Council, which safeguarded the Earth and all the other planets. One day her master said, “Earth is in danger of being destroyed by an asteroid You have to protect the Earthlings. We will change you into a human being, but you shall retain all your Powers inside.” In seconds Xelxis took on human form and was transported to Earth in a huge boat-like shuttle. She found herself in a school and looked wonderingly at all those around her. Inside the classroom, two naughty boys pulled her hair. Xelxis picked them up angrily and threw them into a corner. Just then they heard a thundering noise. “Asteroids!” screamed someone. Xelxis rushed outside and raised her hands towards the sky. Light flashed from her palms and destroyed the huge boulder-like objects. In a while all was quiet. Everybody was amazed. “Thank you for saving us. You are a wonder girl,” said everyone. “It was my duty,” said Xelxis. Just then her shuttle landed before her. She bid good-bye to everyone and returned home.

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