Wise Folks

One day, before leaving for work, a peasant instructed his wife, “Take the three cows to the cattle dealer. Ask him for three hundred silver coins in exchange.” The cattle dealer took two cows and promised to return later with the entire amount and take the third cow too. The wife agreed and gave the cattle dealer the cows. When the peasant returned, he was furious. “You fool! You deserve a good beating. But I will spare you if I find someone stupider than you,” he exclaimed. The next day, he took a ride on a wagon. A foolish woman kept standing for the entire journey instead of sitting on her cattle or the pile of straw. He casually told the woman that he had come from heaven. Believing him, she promptly handed over her bag of coins and asked him to give it to her husband who lived there. Her son gave him a horse to journey to heaven.

Narrating his experience he told his wife, “If there are such fools on earth wise men will always win.”

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