Wild Blossom


There lived a girl named Wild Blossom who used to sell flow­ers during the day. In the evenings, she would bring food for her little brothers. They loved her very much. One day, Wild Blossom was picking some pansies in the woods when she fell ill. She came home early that day and was very sad because she was not able to buy food for her brothers. The gardeners of heaven saw that Wild Blossom was ill and had no food for her brothers. They came at night and watered the flowers with magic water. They took care of her flowers till she became better.

When Wild Blossom recov­ered and looked at her garden, she saw that the flowers had not wilted but looked even fresher and more beautiful. She wondered who had been so kind to her. Wild Blossom went to the market and found that there were many buyers for her fresh flowers. She returned home with plenty of food and gifts for her brothers.

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