Wickedness Brings In Ruin

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Once a wolf was roaming in search of prey in a forest. He came near a village that stood at the edge of the forest. There he saw a flock of sheep grazing in a pasture.

While the wolf was planning to kill a sheep, he found a sheep-skin lying by the foot-path. It was of a sheep that must have been killed by some fierce animal some days before.

Seeing the sheep-skin, a wicked idea struck the wolf. He thought of wearing it and slipping into the flock. He was sure that it would be an easy way to get a prey.

As soon as the wolf got into the flock, the shepherd drove it to the village. Reaching there he enclosed it in the pen and shut the door fast. Just then his wife came and said, “I have nothing to cook for dinner. So, kill one sheep for me.”

The shepherd went into the pen and looked for a fat sheep. Mistaking the disguised wolf for a meaty sheep, he killed him with his axe. The wickedness is its own punishment.


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