Why Mynah Birds Have Golden Earrings

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If you look carefully at a mynah bird, you will feel that she is wearing beautiful golden earrings. How did she get these earrings ? The Mikhir tribe who live in Tripura tell a story about it.

King Tarkoping and his queen had a beautiful daughter. She was sweet and gentle, and everybody loved her. “There’s nobody in the world like our beautiful princess,” they used to say.

The princess loved to ride. One day while riding on her horse she had a fan and was badly hurt. She was carried back to the palace. The best vaids in the land were called, but nobody could make her well again. In a few days she was dead.

The king and queen and all the people in the kingdom felt very sad. But the saddest of all was a bird, a little mynah. The mynah was a dear friend of the princess when she was alive.

A month later, people from all over came to the palace. They came to sing and to pray for their dear princess who was no more.

The little mynah was still very sad at the death of her dear friend. She sang a sad but beautiful song. She sang all day. The queen liked the sang very much. She called the mynah, took off her own golden earrings and put them on the mynah.

And that its why to this day mynah birds wear golden earrings.

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