Who Will Bell the Cat?

There was a certain cat that was troubling the mice and had killed many of them. All the mice met to talk about this big problem. The mice wanted to get rid of the cat and decided to make a plan. The mice sat and talked for a very long time but could not come to any conclusion.

An old mouse stood up and said, “I know what we should do! We should tie a bell around the cat’s neck. When the bell tinkles, we will know where the cat is!” All the other mice liked the idea. But one young mouse stood up and asked, “That is a good idea, but may I ask who will bell the cat?” None of the mice wanted to do that. The young mouse then said, “It is easy to sit and have big ideas. But it is never easy to carry them out.”

20 thoughts on “Who Will Bell the Cat?

  1. I remember this story from an Elementary school “Reader” in the late 1940’s. I is one of those lessons that has stayed with me throughout my career. At times I wonder if it may have been one of the influences that ultimately contributed to my decision to become an engineer.

  2. In morning meeting at my office my boss made statment who will bel the cat agaisnt the work which he wanted to execute at our official picnic and at that moment i thoguth he use the wrong ediom for that purpose fool……… :),however story is good 😉

  3. It is the young mouse who made the suggestion and the old mouse concluded with his observation based on experience.

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