What’s My Name?

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Once there was a brilliant wizard. No one knew his name, even him! So everyone called him ‘What’s-My-Name’. He had the best spells in the kingdom. Now, there were three witches who were also living in the same kingdom. They were jealous of the wizard. No one came to them for spells because What’s-My-Name was very good at his work. So, the three jealous witches made a very powerful spell of the winds and blew him off to Neverland. What’s-My-Name wandered alone in Neverland for four days. At last he found a unicorn grazing in a meadow. It had a beautiful white coat and fluffy wings. When the unicorn heard What’s-My-Names’s story he promised to help him. He flew the wizard on his back and took him to his kingdom. What’s-My-Name chased the three witches, in the three different directions, north, south and the west. No one was sent to the east because that is where the good witch of the East lives. And that was the end of the three wicked witches.,

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