Waiting for the Train

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During the old days when trains were new, everyone wanted to see a train pass by. Even Old Uncle Theodore, the old lion wanted to see a train pass by.

One day, Uncle Theodore heard two birds talking. “The train is coming from the west!” said one. “But I think it will pass only through the desert!” said its eyes the other. Theodore Lion wanted to see the train chug by. He walked for days in the desert to get a glimpse of the train. Not a drop of water he drank, for days! The two birds who had seen the old lion waiting, flew to the train and told the engine driver, “Old Uncle Theodore has been waiting for you in the desert for days now! All he wants to do is see your train pass by!” Now everyone loved Old Uncle Theodore. Hearing this, the engine driver fired up the engines. They rushed past the desert in top speed!

Old Uncle Theodore was now a very happy old lion.

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