A bird catcher went to the forest. He took with him a net for catching birds. He spread the net on the ground. He took some rice and threw it on the net. The bird catcher then hid behind a tree.

Soon some pigeons came flying in the sky. They were very hungry. They looked down and saw the rice. “Oh, just look, there is rice on the ground,” they said. “Let us go down and eat the rice. We are hungry.”

But the king of the pigeons said, “Wait, wait ! Don’t go down. There is a net there. It is a bird catcher’s net.”

But the pigeons said, “We are hungry and want to eat. We do not see any bird catcher. Who can catch us then ?”

The pigeons flew down; they sat on the net and began to cat the rice.

The bird catcher saw them. “Ah, so many pigeons !” he said happily. He came running to catch the pigeons.

The king of pigeons did not sit on the net. He sat in a tree. He saw the bird catcher. “Fly, fly my friends !” he called out. “Fly away, the bird catcher is coming. He will kill all of you.”


The pigeons tried to fly but their feet were caught in the net. “Oh ! what shall we do now ?” they cried. “Our feet are caught in the net.”


Their king said, “Then fly up together and carry away the net with you. One, two, three, GO!”


Flap-flap, flap-flap, flap-flap! All the pigeons flapped their wings hard. Then they all flew up in the sky with the net.

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