Turn Out the Light

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Three bears, Rick, Rusty and Coal were very scared of the dark. So every night they lit the street lamps and went to sleep. One day, a bear named Arthur came to stay in the neighbourhood. “Who dare keep the lights on at night?” he growled. One by one he switched off all the street lamps and threatened to beat up Rick, Rusty and Coal if they dared switch on the lights. “We have to think of a plan to outsmart Arthur,” declared Rusty. They all thought hard and at last, Coal hit on a plan. That night they surrounded Arthur’s house with bulbs. Rick hid in the bushes and asked his friends to light all of them. Hearing a noise, Arthur woke up and opened his door. The bright light nearly blinded him and he tripped down the stairs. The three bears laughed and clapped their hands. “Don’t you dare switch off the lights ever again or else…” they threatened Arthur. Groaning in pain, Arthur went back to his house. That night all the bears slept peacefully.

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