Truthful Joseph

Truthful Joseph never lied. One day, the king heard about Joseph and came to meet him. Impressed, the king placed him in charge of his cowshed.

Every morning, the king enquired about his animals, and Joseph replied, “Healthy and happy, Your Majesty.” The king honoured Joseph before the noblemen of his court. The other servants grew jealous of Joseph’s popularity and decided to lay a trap to trick him.

One day, a beautiful girl walked into Joseph’s shed. Charmed by her he could refuse her nothing. He even killed a bull on her instructions. Once she left, Joseph realised his mistake. He grew worried and was scared that the king would punish him. As usual, the king called him the next day. Joseph told him the truth. The other servants had warned the king of Joseph’s deed thinking he would be too frightened to tell the king the truth. The king was happy at Joseph’s honesty and rewarded him.

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