Abraham and Sarah were happy to have a son of their own. One day, God decided to test Abraham’s faith. “Offer Isaac to me as a Sacrifice,” ordered God. It was difficult for Abraham to choose between God and his son. However, he opted for God’s order.

He took Isaac and two of his servants and set out in the direction showed by God. After travelling

for three days, they stopped at a place. Abraham and Isaac went ahead, while the servants waited with the donkey. On reaching the top of the mountain, Abraham built an altar. He tied his son with rope and laid him on the wood.

His heart cried but he held faith in God. As he took out his knife, an angel of God appeared and stopped him. The angel said, “Stop! You have proved your trust in God. I will bless you with as many descendants as t

here are stars in the sky.” just then a ram with thorns appeared in a nearby bush.’ Abraham called the place ‘The Lord Will Provide’.



Abraham’s faith and hope supported him during the agonizing journey to Moriah. As the story unveils it becomes clear that God does not want Abraham to kill Isaac


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